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Engaging and educating the healthcare provider in the current environment

By IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

With ever increasing requirements for notes and documentation for diagnoses and treatment plans for reimbursement, healthcare professionals (HCP) have little “extra” time, especially time to meet with anyone other than patients. The pandemic also severely restricted access to HCPs and many offices have kept a significant portion of their face-to-face office visit procedures in place.

How can you stay relevant in an environment with virtual engagement or omnichannel messaging? Understanding that each HCP may have a different preference in receiving messages or information about education will help you further your message or goal. But also understanding that providers may not want to use valuable time to get information that will not help their current patient population.

For example, your Life Sciences company has just received approval to market your product as a second line therapy for a particular disease state. How can you ensure the healthcare providers in that specialty are aware of the availability of your treatment? Segmentation may be the answer.

  • Investigate which providers are treating those specific patients. With patient-level (de-identified) analytics, you can see which physicians or practices might be treating patients in that exact disease state, what phase of treatment they may be in, as well as any other useful information like biomarkers, demographics, etc. With that data, you can determine which practice or provider may have the highest opportunity for utilization of the treatment or product, maximizing your effectiveness.
  • The segmentation of those providers may also provide insights into potential communications strategies. Maybe there is a higher concentration of patients in one geographic area where you can place higher time and resources on the face-to-face visits.
  • In addition, your message can be tailored to that specific provider with the knowledge of their specific patient population to set triggers for communications – on the right day and at the right time. You can also determine if a link to your website or online presentations may be helpful and optimize your marketing spend.

But how do you get that information? Our analytics solutions can help you determine the right strategic tactics to influence awareness and adoption. That includes identifying the most effective physician education and marketing strategies to drive appropriate usage of your product. Learn more by having a conversation with one of our experts at