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Clinical trials play an invaluable role in helping get your product ready for market. But facilitating these trials can be a serious drain of time and resources. With our AdvanceIQ Network, we help you set up contracts, get access to the right qualified patient populations and community-based practices, and fill in any gaps with the data elements you require. Discover how we can support your research process, every step of the way.

Comprehensive support for all stages of your research

Centralize your contracts and reduce administrative burden.

Access potential clinical trial subjects faster and more efficiently.

Yield deeper patient insights with longitudinal data augmentation.

Stay aligned with managed updates and communication support.


Centralized contract management

Setting up and managing research contracts can quickly become a burden on your business, whether it falls to your internal staff or your contract research organization (CRO). With our AdvanceIQ Network, you get centralized contract management, oversight and administration. From standardized master service agreements and statements of work, payment management, or setting up easily sharable rate cards to communicate with other practices within the network—we're here to reduce the time it takes to get your research process started.


Community-based research access

To streamline the research process, you need to identify eligible sites to participate in your study. With our vast customer base—including over 65% of all oncology practices and over 35% of urology practices—we can help you identify the right practices for your trial by conducting site feasibility studies. Then, we connect you directly to the point of care to seek out specific patients that meet your criteria. We can even help design your study to stay in compliance with FDA and other regulatory standards, calling on key opinion leaders and experts throughout our network to ensure your study is asking the right questions to maximize your investment.

This multi-tiered process of refinement and validation ensures your research will be as efficient and successful as possible.


Real-world evidence augmentation

To discover unseen trends and patterns, data needs to go deeper. Our data is aggregated from longitudinal patient records from across the AmerisourceBergen network, allowing us to create a clearer picture of patient attributes so you can expand on your research. The data within the AdvanceIQ Network enables you to identify incremental information and additional data points not often collected in the real world, to build on existing patient records.

As part of AmerisourceBergen, we can bolster our research programs and bring new solutions to the specialty practice environment. We work directly with your research and development team to better understand the key data requirements for your research activities, providing you enhanced insights into how to run more efficient clinical trials along the way.


Study awareness and communication

Managing communication around changes to your study can be a major undertaking in clinical research. We provide a centralized point of contact to communicate any updates or announcements—like the closing of cohorts, the fulfillment of one part of a trial, or a study being stopped as a result of a new safety committee ruling—to help your trial sites stay aligned and keep your research moving forward. Additionally, we can help you communicate information around patient enrollment to a wider audience, including participants within our network and non-study participating sites.

AdvanceIQ Network

Streamline your clinical research process and gain access to qualified patient populations

Research that drives results

By giving access to qualified patient populations and community-based practices to support clinical trials, our AdvanceIQ Network gets your research moving forward faster. Talk to us about how we can help advance your research today.