Strategic Business Guidance

The power of partnership 

Analytics are only as powerful as the insights they provide. That’s why collaboration is such an important part of what we do. Our experts work with you to understand your business needs and create an analytics portfolio that delivers on those goals. We’ll even synchronize our analytics outputs to support your internal reporting requirements—maximizing the success of your product. 

Understanding your product lifecycle

Unique brands require unique strategies. You need accurate, actionable intelligence that considers context—especially where you are in the product lifecycle. If your drug is new, you might want to understand how it will work in a practice setting or what physician uptake might look like. If your product is more mature, you might want to focus on opportunities to increase market share.

Our team will work with you to find context-specific answers. Drawing on our vast data sets, we can help you find the right intelligence to make sound business decisions—improving forecasting, and giving you confidence in the success of your product.

Evaluating GPO contract feasibility

To be confident in your GPO contract, you need the right information. Are the terms attainable given the current market landscape? Do you have specific volume requirements? With our contract feasibility studies, our analytics team can help you understand what is possible and attainable in the contract period. We can help you drive the maximum value from your proposed contract by modeling your market opportunity against your competitors’.

Navigating complexity through strategic planning

In a constantly shifting marketplace, we believe in setting and evaluating benchmarks around your strategic business decisions regularly. At our quarterly business reviews, we’ll drill into factors happening around you, like the introduction of new competitive products. We’ll generate insights on the drivers and barriers to product utilization, which we can parse by diagnosis, stage, line of therapy and market segment. That type of intelligence can help you identify market shifts or where changes in promotional tactics might make a difference. Ultimately, we help you navigate the complexity of the specialty market so you can focus on what matters most—advancing specialty care.

Your insights are waiting.

When it comes to data, bigger really is better. Discover the insights you can unlock when you tap into the power of the AmerisourceBergen network.