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Finding the right subjects for your clinical trial enrollment

By IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

“Nearly 55% of physician offices in 2022 reported exceeding their patient visit volumes of 2021. In 2022, patient visits have rose to one billion from 900 million in 2021. The overall percentage of patient visits declined in 2020 due to the pandemic and have since rose roughly 10%, with the projection to continue to increase in 2023.”1

Where are the subjects for your clinical trials?
Patient volume is back to pre-pandemic levels, and they are seeking help from their physicians.  Yet some of those patients may have delayed care, leaving them with more limited options.  And community-based providers are looking for therapies that help improve their patient outcomes, yet they don’t have the time to research every journal and publication about which therapies can be considered at different stages of diagnosis, or which treatments may be conducting clinical trials for that second line of therapy.
Increased access to data and information delivery will help to improve access to new and developing therapies. Your team can access information for thousands of (deidentified) patients being treated under our AdvanceIQ Network - leveraging biomarkers, geography, current and past lines of therapy and additional demographic information to determine the right patients for your study.  
Our data solutions allow you to email those specific providers whose patients may benefit from access to a clinical trial, potentially speeding up your enrollment process. The digital site selection, patient detection and enrollment tools are unique assets to the Clinical Trial Navigator solution which helps to increase recruitment opportunities and expand pool of potential enrollees for trials.  And because community-based practices (large and small) are under our Network, you would be able to use vetted practices who have a partner for managing contracts and beginning trials as quickly as possible.  Your CROs could even have access to the information to help them accelerate their enrollment.

If you are looking how we can partner with your clinical team to provide some assistance with enrollment, or help your CRO find those specific patients, reach out to us at: