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How We Bring Data to Life


Insights that drive decisions

In complex markets like specialty healthcare, insights should drive action. With our RefineIQ processing system, you can access actionable data insights tailored to your business’s specific needs. From financial, to clinical, to operational data—the path to integrated intelligence starts here.


Unlock hidden potential

Your data are only as powerful as the business decisions they fuel. Through our unique RefineIQ process, you can access patient, provider and brand performance patterns, transforming insights into action. What makes RefineIQ different is our standardization of inconsistencies across data sources. When you combine a historical dataset spanning nearly two decades with Cencora’s extensive resources, the result is reliable patient and healthcare provider correlations. Through this process, we empower smarter specialty brand performance.

How the process works

Our proprietary RefineIQ process flow involves abstracting, mapping and carefully de-identifying private health information. From there, we gain insight into different patient types and their providers at the time of care.

Our proprietary process maps:

4 million+
Unique patients processed 
Business rules
Unique weekly patients

Insights start here.

As pressure increases to prove the efficacy of drugs to justify costs, you need reliable data about patient outcomes and clinical decisions. That means connecting the dots between data points to uncover patient care patterns that may not be apparent to the naked eye. Talk to our team to learn how our proprietary algorithm does just that.

Your insights are waiting.

When it comes to data, bigger really is better. Discover the insights you can unlock when you tap into the power of the Cencora network.