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Research, RWE and Outcomes Teams


Your trusted source of community-based intelligence

Historically, large institutions like university hospitals and health systems have conducted the majority of traditional research. However, over 90% of patients seek care from local community-based specialists. 

To truly understand how your therapies work in the real world, you need accurate, reliable data captured in the community setting. Thanks to our growing network representing over 65% of community-based practices, we are your trusted source for unique EMR data. Learn how our analytics solutions can give you a clearer line of sight into the impact your product has in the real world.


AdvanceIQ NetworkTM       

Our clinical research network

In order to meet regulatory requirements, demonstrate therapeutic value, and understand real-world clinical behaviors, you need access to qualified patients and providers to support your research. When you join our AdvanceIQ Network, we'll connect you with the data and subjects you need to assess study feasibility, augment your data, and gather real-world evidence. Learn more about how we can make research easier for your team.

Let's work together.

Collaboration is such an important part of what we do. Our experts work with you to understand your business needs and create an analytics portfolio that delivers on those goals. Find out what we can discover together.