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Rooting your market strategy in real-world data

In an industry where the only constant is change, having the right data can make or break the success of your product. With years of research and development on the line, you can't afford to have blind spots.

At IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions, we provide data-backed strategic business guidance to inform your go-to-market strategy. We know that success requires keen insights into current market conditions, accurate projection models for adoption and continued utilization, and a deep understanding of provider behaviors and patient needs.

Armed with data on more than 13.8 million specialty patients, we can help you make more informed business decisions with confidence. Explore our solutions to discover the opportunities our insights can help unlock for your product.

Patient care insights

Our patient care intelligence gives you an unobstructed view into treatment analytics and clinical behaviors. We can transform drug sales trends into predictive market intelligence, which can help you facilitate optimal targeting, segmenting and forecasting to ensure that your product is being used appropriately to advance the quality of patient care.

Drug market insights

Our robust set of sales and real-world data provides an unparalleled depth of market intelligence, allowing you to target specific segments and communicate your message clearly to the physicians who prescribe your product. By analyzing patient treatment data from community-based oncology practices, you get real-time line of sight into rapidly changing and competitive markets.

GPO contracting insights

Our contract performance and feasibility insights will help you understand what is possible within a specific contract period, calculate rebates and refine sales estimates on a quarterly basis. We can help you identify product purchase trends such as changes in Medicare payments, and the impact of those changes as they relate to your competitors in the market.

Real-world insights and education

With the right data, you can tailor your educational programs to address the unique needs of different practices, driving more appropriate treatment choices and ultimately improving patient care. We can also help you pressure-test hypotheses about your products using community based evidence, arming you with insights before investing in deeper research. 

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