The Value We Deliver

Making analytics perform

At IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions, we can unlock new horizons for your brand. By improving the quality of patient care, navigating evolving market dynamics and illuminating the road to market access, our insights can help you understand which lever is most important for your individual drug to optimize its performance in the market. The journey to brand empowerment starts here.

Empowering smarter brand performance

In the increasingly crowded and complicated pharmaceuticals marketplace, every piece of data counts. From prescribing patterns and payer dynamics to patient, physician, and clinic insights, it's more necessary than ever before that you see the full picture. We can help identify the most effective physician education and marketing strategies to drive appropriate usage of your product. Based on the unique factors influencing the adoption of your drug, we can identify the most tactical contracting incentives to accelerate your brand's market performance.

Enhancing quality care

In order to enhance the quality of patient care, you need to ensure your drug is administered effectively. Our integrated analytics solutions can help you identify the factors that influence adoption, onset and continuation of care. These factors include understanding side effect profiles and the supportive care products that can be used in parallel to minimize delays in therapy.

We can help you answer the questions at the heart of adoption: Who is using your drug? Do they know what differentiates your product from competitors in the market? Do they have the right patient population and payer coverage? Are physicians using your product in the most effective sequence of treatments? We can use the power of data to make sure your drug is helping as many patients as possible live healthier lives.

The physician and patient data pool:

6.7 MM

records of administrations of drug therapy

1.6 MM

urology patients from over 1,600 urologists

data from


oncologists & over 600,000 cancer patients

Navigating evolving market dynamics

Reimbursement and purchasing models are constantly changing. With the increasing total cost of care, there's more market pressure than ever to lower costs and optimize outcomes. You need strategic plans that prepare you for an unpredictable marketplace. What if CMS decides to stop reimbursing your class of drug, or forces the use of biosimilars as a first line of treatment? Can we work with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to offer rebates and maintain influence over physician purchasing decisions? We'll help you simulate possible scenarios to ensure you are prepared for an ever-changing reimbursement landscape.

Increasing market opportunities

Whether you're a legacy brand with new indications or an altogether new drug, getting to market quickly is absolutely necessary to recoup your investment within today's commercialization model. Beyond marketing and sales efforts, companies now face increasing pressure to prove a product's value by demonstrating significantly improved health outcomes.

We have a long history of helping life sciences companies bring new products to market. With up to 15 years of longitudinal patient records that include treatment sequencing, the scope and quantity of our data are unmatched—allowing us to help you demonstrate efficacy quickly and clear barriers to entry into the market.

Where real-world data defines strategy

Competing in today's marketplace means covering all your angles. Our robust analytics are the fuel you need to demonstrate results, justify costs and drive brand performance. Start a conversation with our team today to learn how you can start putting data into action.