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Confidently create your clinically driven GPO contracts with timely data

By IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

According to an article published by McKinsey & Company in 2020, they listed the key trends driving growth in oncology – which also could be transferred to other specialties.  The “five key trends drive growth in the oncology space: democratized innovation, increased importance of precision medicine, increasing attention to value, complex and rapidly changing treatment paradigms, and the importance of stakeholder engagement amidst intense competition.”

Focus on “increasing attention to value, complex and rapidly changing treatment paradigms” is imperative to a conversation about developing a clinically driven GPO contract.  With the increasing number of approvals for treatment and payers limiting or restricting their coverage based on outcomes data, biopharmaceutical companies need to quickly establish their value in the marketplace.

What types of data do you need to analyze to be confident in creating your GPO contracts:

  • the clinical efficacy data and safety data from clinical trials;
  • patient outcomes such as reduced hospitalizations or improvements in patient’s quality of life;
  • comparator studies and health economic data with costs and analytics beyond prescribing data that can illustrate the overall cost benefit;
  • analytics which show the market dynamics and the barriers or challenges your product might face, including reimbursement issues

This data can all help to determine if your goals are attainable with the current market landscape.

Understanding what is attainable during a contract period involves collaboration to address the specific clinical benefits and outcomes.  By bridging the gap with insightful data related to an improved patient experience, your biopharmaceutical company is armed to inform both payers and healthcare providers.

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions has mapped over four million unique patients in our proprietary process, using more than 250 business rules and over 350,000 unique weekly patients in order to refine the data by the current market landscape. The mapping uses data from inventory and infusion management systems, EMRs and other clinical data sets and pharmacy dispensing.

Our team will work with you to understand your business needs and create an analytics portfolio that delivers on those goals. To start a conversation about how we partner with your biopharmaceutical company, contact email us at