Drug Market Insights

Knowledge you can put to work

Understanding the potential markets for your product is essential. Our business intelligence tools can help maximize your product's success with insights into the purchasing and utilization patterns of your customers.

Drug sales trends

Get insights into your marketplace with MarketVIEW.

Physician and account alerts

Deliver the right tactics at the right time with SiteALERT.

Predictive market intelligence

Refine your targeting and segmenting tools with CustomANALYTICS.

Pharmacy dispensing insights

Understand physician prescribing behaviors with Dispensing Insights.



Take targeted action with timely drug sales trends

MarketVIEW delivers a comprehensive market snapshot to your inbox, arming you with the information you need to maximize your product's success. With our drug sales trends reports, you'll understand purchasing and utilization patterns at the practice and clinic level, allowing you to recognize your uptake and where opportunities exist in real time.




Target your marketing efforts

SiteALERT provides you with a customized report of which physicians are adopting and utilizing specific drugs, and how regularly they are doing so. This enables you to take a closer look at previously unknown market potentials by tumor type, disease state, or drug sequencing to help you accurately adjust your marketing spend. We'll help you target specific segments and communicate your message clearly to the physicians who prescribe your product. 



Uncover your opportunities

With CustomANALYTICS, we'll be your consultative, solution-oriented partner, delivering insights into prescribing patterns to improve usage and uptake of your drug. Using data standardized to your definitions to account for disease-specific attributes and metrics, you can assess the current state of your product and enhance baseline segmentation and targeting. We can also help you look at your competitive landscape through Opportunity and Risk Assessment reports, giving you visibility into what customers buy which products and when.


Pharmacy dispensing reports

Understanding physician prescribing behavior

Our customized reports include prescription claims of oral anti-cancer therapies and supportive care agents dispensed from members of ION's Specialty Oncology Network (SON). Generated from a network of over 1,600 physicians from more than 160 unique sites, pharmacy dispensing insights can help you develop a deeper understanding of individual physician prescribing patterns to enhance targeted education, sales, and marketing. Set your segments and cadence of reporting, and start turning data into action. 

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