Real-World Insights and Education

Facilitating physician education and feedback

Physician education is one of the primary drivers of your product's success. We can tap into real-world evidence to help you focus your messaging to drive appropriate utilization, identify potential barriers to adoption, and pressure-test hypotheses before investing in deeper research.

Insight-Driven Education

Creating differentiated physician education programs

With the right data, you can optimize your drug’s performance by tailoring education programs to help physicians improve the management and treatment of their patients. With Insight-Driven Education, we synthesize dispensing, administration and precision medicine data to identify where additional patients could benefit from a treatment, or when optimal durations of therapy are not being achieved.

Emerging Perspectives

See your product through physicians' eyes

Whether you're launching a new drug or have a new set of indications for an existing product, you need provider input regarding appropriate use and unforeseen challenges to adoption. Through our new Emerging Perspectives program, we'll assemble a panel of physicians to provide case-based feedback on your product using primary market research.

Before meeting, we'll conduct surveys to see how providers would typically respond to the scenarios you propose. Then we'll facilitate an in-person question and answer session to help the panel better understand your drug. Afterward, we'll conduct quantitative and qualitative assessments to see if product education affected providers' approaches. The results will help you identify barriers to adoption and refine your go-to-market strategy.

Talk to our team to understand how Emerging Perspectives can help you plan for the road ahead.

Community-Based Evidence

Pressure-test hypotheses prior to deeper research

When the physicians who prescribe your product observe an unexpected outcome in their patient population, you need to get to the bottom of the issue quickly. Community-Based Evidence evaluates a subset of practices to pressure-test hypotheses to see if they require further investigation.

We'll gather preliminary evidence into publication form for podium presentations or panel meetings, so that your organization can determine whether to pursue deeper real-world evidence generation. It's a simple way to ensure your research investments are prioritized wisely.

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