Patient Care Insights

Analyzing treatment at the point of care

How you approach market opportunities is directly linked to how you understand physician behaviors and patient care. As a longtime partner to providers and a leading patient care advocate, we can help you focus your market strategy using a more holistic view of a patient's treatment journey.

Drug utilization and profiling analytics

Predicting oncology utilization patterns with PrecisionIQTM  

Forecasting the adoption of new products and evaluating market dynamics is critical to the success of your product. PrecisionIQ offers insights based on projection methodology that uses real-world longitudinal oncology treatment data across over 80 malignancies to account for physician behavior—such as under-dosing, toxicity management, and drug cycle utilization.

We apply parameters such as age, gender, disease stage, biomarkers, and line of therapy to uncover insights into the current patterns of national drug usage. Using more refined population segmentation and statistical estimation, we can project adoption and utilization within an individual condition across and within subpopulations.

Our predictive modeling is rooted in data from more than:


cancer treatments


cancer patients


administrations of drug therapy

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