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When you have over 20,000 associates and a core mission to make healthcare work smarter for patients and physicians alike, having strong leadership and a unified vision is paramount. The IntrinsiQ Analytics leadership team boasts extensive knowledge and numerous years of experience in the healthcare and data analytics industries. That translates to best-in-class service in an increasingly complicated market.

Senior Director, Data Science

Sandhya Bhaskar

"We are making data-driven decision making easier for our customers by providing them insights so they can focus on improving efficiency and capture value in their core business operations."

Director of Medical Affairs

Natasha Clinton

Senior Director, App Development and Solution Architecture

Mark Lemmon

"The process of finding a better way to get things done has always propelled me. At IntrinsiQ Analytics, I get to enjoy identifying opportunities and improving systems in a fast-paced environment. And knowing that my work has meaningful affects for the organization and our customers makes it all that much better."

Senior Director, Business Analytics

Andrew Scott

"I have always been very grateful that since transitioning my career from oncology nursing, I have been able to sustain my deep connection with patient care. It is very satisfying to be able to combine my clinical experience with an understanding of the challenges of maintaining a specialty practice. That’s a unique opportunity!"

Vice President, Commercial Analytics

Jill Walton

"Working with our pharmaceutical partners has provided me with a fascinating view into various product and company commercialization strategies. Our team will then work to determine how best we can help support these different approaches and market needs with our analytic solutions. Being a big part of expanding our commercial product offerings and support capabilities for our clients allows me to effect change across the organization, and that's something I take a lot of pride and satisfaction in doing."

Senior Vice President, IntrinsiQ Analytics

Susan Weidner

“Life sciences companies rely on real-world data to show health outcomes and demonstrate the value of their brands. It is an honor to provide them with actionable intelligence that adds value and maximizes the product life cycle.”

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