GPO Contracting Insights

Contract assessment and support

Our GPO contract feasibility analysis will help you understand what is possible within a specific contract period. Using insights into your patient and physician mix to forecast market shares, optimize planning, and evaluate potential contracted drugs against your competition, we'll help you identify opportunities within contracts to maximize value. And as your strategic partner, we'll support you with data-backed decision-making every step of the way.

Uncovering patterns in  contract performance

When we compare your historical contracts against more recent and current contracts, patterns begin to emerge. With an extensive set of sales and clinical data, you can start to get a clearer view of how your drug stacks up against your competition's and the true value of your market share. Our unique analysis will lend you insights into clinically oriented data, including:

• Dosing 

• Delays in therapy or treatment start

• Duration of therapy

• Extension in therapy

Contract performance insights

We measure trends; you optimize sales.

Our contract performance insights allow us to calculate rebates and estimates on a quarterly basis. They can help you identify product purchase trends such as changes in Medicare payments, and the impact of those changes as they relate to your competitors in the market. 

Your insights are waiting.

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