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Powering clinical trials from start to finish—and everything in between

Simplify the clinical trial process with one robust solution. Clinical Trial Navigator seamlessly unites community research sites and their eligible patients with trials through digital site selection, patient identification and enrollment tools, and a vigorous research network.  

Reduce clinical research recruiting timelines by searching for sites and patients instantaneously in up-to-date databases

Improve site identification
with a solution that seamlessly integrates within your current research workflow

Enhance and diversify research results
by sourcing under-represented patient communities and diverse patient populations needed for your trial

Avoid costly amendments
with sophisticated protocol analysis and data tools (in development)

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AmerisourceBergen launches Clinical Trial Navigator to bolster equitable and accessible community-based research opportunities nationwide

Expedite your research with advanced technologies

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Uncover the power of data-backed research with Site Assist, a novel tool for identifying sites and initiating trials at the right community practices. 

Encode trial criteria

Translate your inclusion-exclusion criteria to codify your requirements into a structured, standardized format and query our network of sites and patients.

Search for sites

Determine the most appropriate sites for your trial by identifying eligible patient practices with specific experience, equipment, and staff. Surface sites who’s real-world, aggregated clinical data indicate they have the relevant patients for your trial, and whose profiles indicate they have the right equipment or staff to meet your criteria.

Shortlist sites

Shortlist the applicable sites and follow up with them to collect additional due diligence information through the application. Save relevant sites and reach out to investigators through your AmerisourceBergen contact or the Clinical Trial Navigator platform.

Our innovative solutions build on data from a variety of physician networks, covering more than 65 percent of the community oncology market


community practices across the country in the ION Oncology Practice Network


oncologists in our network providing patient-level data


patients being treated in AmerisourceBergen-affiliated clinics each month

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AdvanceIQ NetworkTM

Gain unparalleled access to research opportunities

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Clinical Trial Navigator works with our non-exclusive research network, AdvanceIQ Network, so you can activate sites quickly through our access to community practices, solutions, and support. With fast activation, you can quickly and confidently find the patients you need to launch your trial or study. 

AdvanceIQ Network offers knowledge, understanding, and insight into our network members, including the level of research capabilities in each practice. AdvanceIQ Network will also provide an additional layer of expertise in vetting and validating the feasibility of each site. We offer a wide variety of research capabilities including sponsored clinical trials, investigator-sponsored research, prospective patient registries, retrospective outcomes research, and panel studies for longitudinal tracking.
Two female scientists making medicine at a laboratory

Expertise for end-to-end clinical trial enablement

Simplifying the clinical trial process with one robust solution.